Taking charge of your life

1.) Making a file that you’ll enjoy working with everyday.

2) Draw a wheel of life

3) pick each area  in your life which you might want to change and label each area that that you want to work at.

4) think of some goals for each area long term, life term, 5 years and short term six months to a year.

5) apply your well formed outcome process to your goals.

6) write down your goals and dates that you want to achieve them by.

7) break down the goals into monthly, weekly, and daily, and log them in a diary.

8) each night before you sleep look at dreams and make of what you will do the next day in order to meet you goals.



When the word drugs is mentioned peoples eyes normally open wide and automatically people think of illegal drugs like weed, ash, trips, crack, LSD., to name a few. Also we MUST NOT FORGET THE LEGAL ONES!! that are sold in the shops alcohol,antihistamine, painkillers, pesticides, steroids, creams and potions ETC.You get the picture now? There is no doubt most people out there take one drug or the other in order to feel like you are happier or better in one way or the other. So the reason for drug taking in short all boils down to the same thing basically. Psychosomatic , illness through the mind or the mind making the body ill. Reasons for taking drugs, people often take them to take themselves out of present time or to block pain out or to distort what is happening around them, some make you feel calm while others can speed up the heart rate.People can become addicted to drugs by taking them to get rid of the pain or to just just simply feel happy. This may create a mental picture that a person is cool in certain situations until the feeling starts to wear off and then this leads back to square one. Drugs can make a person confused as to what is really going on around them and make them believe something else is going on around them. It can be as serious as insanity where the events around them are completely different and the scene is frames away! ( DIFFERENT PICTURE ) instead of the present events. As a result others may appear to him as stupid or unreasonable or insane as they as they don’t agree in their actions. one example of this someone “out of their head” on crack i have been told by one person that when he did some with a friend the so called friend would always go into the kitchen and get a big knife out of the draw and keep it ready !! as he explained many people feel very vulnerable as if there was some bigger force out to get them staring out of the windows a strong feeling of being paranoid that is very serious at the time until it is looked back on at a later time. Medical they can be the same as illegal ones even to the fact that even a normal person might not admit that they take them unless they have to, i have said to people before, when they have told me that they are ill “Oh you you’re on drugs then ” and then the answer NO  comes faster than you think, hmmmmm oh well but they may well need them just to stay alive. chemicals inside the food some people eat  or can easily be over looked, everyone eats food and not a lot of people look into it lets just say unless you are  very interested to find out or just simply avoid certain foods. But then lets not  forget all around us we have chemicals in the food called food preservatives, chemical poisons that are in the air we can’t see them fumes from cars and lorries pesticides that are sprayed on crops on almost all farms but not on the Amway crop nutrition products or farms if you did they would be in big trouble. So you have it sometimes it does help when you can check the history of at least something that you are consuming that is why i only go for the best supplements.



Just when you thought that  i was gone, well now time must be made to do what must be done. Let us make even a small effort walk around the block and get just a little of that of that calorie burning going, no limits let us remember this a lifestyle not just a fad. YOU CAN DO ANYTHING, ARE YOU REAL ?